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Loren Janes
1931 – 2017

Loren Janes

1931 – 2017

Legacy? Are we ever satisfied?

“Yes, I’m about as satisfied as a person can be.  A wonderful exciting life, a family and friends to be proud of, a hot chick for a wife.  Yes, I’m satisfied.  Too many people in this business can’t seem to be happy with what they have accomplished.  It’s great to want more but not so much that it makes you a little crazy to get it.”



Having penned the perfect lyric,

For some unknown reason are never satisfied and want to be singers

“Oh give me a home ….



Having perfect pitch and precise interpretation of the poet’s lyrics

For some unknown reason always want to be actors

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto!”



Because they apparently have precise interpretation of the lyrics,

Have perfect pitch

And think they can be anyone they choose,

Feel they must be directors.

Well Mr. Scorsese I think it would be better if ….



Because they have all of the above with the chutzpah to go with it,

Want to control even more and long to be producers.

He wants how much? I’m not made of money, you know!”



Because they have been beat up by everyone since they penned the perfect lyric

 Now have the courage of someone else’s money

And the suppressed DNA of an IRS agent

All want to be studio heads.

“You’re over budget and behind schedule.  If you can’t do it I’ll get someone else”.


And what all these people really want in their heart of hearts is what

Loren Janes was,

A Stunt Man!


Through Loren I learned;

  • Question every motive

  • Figure it out every which way it can go

  • Rehearse it in your mind a thousand times

  • Be physically ready for it

  • Know how the pieces fit together

  • Be ready to say no

  • Be ready to say yes

  • Understand the consequences of both

  • Never, go along to get along

  • Make it better than they ever imagined

  • When it’s over, shut up!

  • Get the check!

  • And move on.

Loren moved on and on and on and on

The life he led was what you only read about in adventure stories.


Hike it, ride it, ski it, drive it

Bounce, Burn, roll, double flip and high dive it

Jump off it. Jump over it. Jump on it.

Flip, flop, a streetcar drop, a famous cactus hit

Crash it, smash it, take the right cross hit

Folks thrilled when they saw it

And never knew

That he was the one who lived it.


He made them all look good

He always understood

That his role was to not be the star of the show

But to make “Great Escapes” and no mistakes

And only the insiders would know.


Combat boots and eternal salutes

He never let go of “Semper fi”

He wore his heart on one sleeve and his faith on the other

And soulful things still made him cry


From Olympic Games to Cinerama frames

From hoof beats to overdrive

He always kept us somewhere on the edge of our seat

Wondering, was he “dead or alive”?


But the things most remembered

By those he would meet

Were the self-confidence he would quietly display

A handshake that meant truth

And a sparkled eyed,

Rascal of a smile

That said

Hey, everything is going to be okay


Where, oh where do we go from here?

As memories and friends move on and on and on


Time and distance should play no part

In friendships made along our way

But too often, we should have, could have,

And now they are gone away


Do this for Loren when you have a moment today


Stop and recall that friend from your past.

Make the call

Like you did for Loren today

Tell ‘em

With a sparkle in your eye and a rascal smile on your face.

Hey, everything’s going to be Okay!



Lauren Janes

Celebration of Life

Bel Air Presbyterian Church

Los Angeles, Ca.

July 22, 2017

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