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More than 50 poems depiciting life riding the

Rhyme Riders Trail


Thanks to good buddy Dave Stamey for writing the forward

The Book. Cowboy Poetry is an oral medium, story poetry, designed to be told in an outdoor setting, preferably a campfire or a branding corral. It is up close and in your face poetry. Most suitable for small to medium crowds. As you read it, you will find yourself wanting to read it out loud. It does not make for the perfect bedside reader.

Cassettes and CDs have served me quite well over the last twenty five years. I have resisted these many years in doing The Book. However as publishing has become so much easier (insert laughter here) I find myself with no way to get out of The Book. I remember great Cowboy Poet and friend Rod McQuery's answer when I asked him, many years ago, how his book was doing:? He replied... "Publishing a book of Cowboy Poetry is like kicking a horse turd over the edge of the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo."

It soured me a bit on the deal. Lonnie (my beloved wife) insisted, no more CDs until I finish... The Book

... The satisfaction of seeing the completed project and the fact that someone might carry my poetry to some far off distant range is a good enough echo for my ego and imagination....

I have made every effort to not be too slick. My lifestyle is Cowboy casual.

So mosey through these pages with the feeling of a good horse under you, at a trot, in nice soft sand. I hope you find something good in here. It's all been good to me.

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