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My Living History Program

A Living History Program


Middle Schools Through High School

Larry Maurice brings this special program of history, myth and legend to schools and groups throughout the country. He makes the cattle drives, characters and critters of the old west come alive through poetry, stories and song. Larry was honored by the Academy of Western Artists with the Will Rogers Award as “Cowboy Poet of the Year 2000”

Larry has been a working Cowboy in California and Nevada for the past twenty five years. His firsthand knowledge of the trade gives the credibility to his work that is so necessary when working with younger audiences.


Born and raised in the East on the history of Washington, Jefferson and Daniel Boone, Larry is able to coordinate the American westward movement with the chronology of Spanish/Mexican California and life in the “Great Basin” of the west.


School programs and lectures can be tailored to small individual study groups or larger assemblies. Programs are coordinated with staff before presentation to cover content, historical period, facts and legends, lecture or entertainment format etc. Ample time for student Q&A is also very important.


The great Cowboy era from post civil war to the industrial revolution is a particularly exciting subject to students and teachers alike. California history figures prominently in all presentations, helping to make the student aware of the important role California played in the western expansion of the United States.


Programs can also be adapted for teaching students the basics of writing rhyming/narrative poetry.  From developing basic story lines to creating a finished poem, the instruction is almost as fun as the final product.  “It’s so easy even a Cowboy can do it”, helps to remove some of the stereotypes and mysteries of poetry.  The hundreds of student poems Larry has collected over the years is testament to the success of the program.  Teachers and administrators throughout the west look forward to Larry’s annual visits to their schools. 


For a consultation to see what the Cowboy can do for your History, English and Reading programs please Contact Larry.

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